We live in a time in which information moves at a rapid speed. Interruption is the new normal. In my paintings, I slow down and process all of the noise reducing it to an image that portrays the essence of a specific feeling. Often these feelings are familiar because we experience patterns in our relationships, our professions, and the natural environment.  In my work, I emulate such patterns through the repetition of line, shape, texture and color. These elements are a larger commentary on the similar situations that arise in our lives.

The central style of my work is abstract expressionism. Specifically, seeing similarities in celebrations and conflict within natural cycles as well as life experiences. The work itself is unstructured, spontaneous and abstract featuring intense colors. The interactions of these bright colors are a courtship of letting go verses maintaining control. One can interpret the representational qualities in my work from the natural world such as plants, flowers, and animals.

I am drawn to abstract expressionism because of the spontaneity of the process and emotional connection to the viewer.  This style of art asks for a reaction.  Viewers often have a strong emotional response.

The different elements of my work include watered down acrylic paints and pastels applied to watercolor paper.  The interaction of these materials reflects the juxtaposition of a very precise medium against a chaotic design. The layering of paint represents the feeling of being immersed in the work with the hope of conveying a message.

The ideas for my paintings are generated through personal experiences with my students, the natural world and love for other cultures. I often view the world in pictures - meaning I look at a composition of subjects and take a mental photograph.  This process helps me to remember the places, experiences and feelings in exact moments that contribute to my work.  

My art practice was born in the realm of realism, observational drawing and painting, and grew into abstraction through my fascination with African art.  Currently, I am focused on the emotional spontaneity of abstract art and the patterns we experience in our lives. My hope is that viewers will stop moving and pay attention to the moment.